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"Bandera Azul" (“Blue Flag”)

01/07/2021 al 10/08/2021

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Zone: Isabel Bilbao Galeria

"Bandera Azul" (“Blue Flag”) by Oscar Bento hangs on the walls of the IB Isabel Bilbao Art Gallery these days. Once more a perpetually interesting perspective of painting with a sea motif by the artist Oscar Bento. After an exhibition at the Galería Begemot in Barcelona last spring, the collection: "Vino y Chocolate" (“Wine and Chocolate” and "A Mar Abierto" (“In the Open Sea” in the young gallery Natalia Bento Art Contemporani in Alaró (Mallorca), this new collection unites a dozen canvasses, mainly in a large format, in which the artist discovers refreshing sensations of light, reflection and movement based on a change in the use of color and its combination with subtle metallic and pearly effects, etc. of diverse application.  


La Textura del Silencio

11/08/2021 al 31/08/2021

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Zone: Recoleto Creative

Para Antonio Navarro, "el silencio, es el marco que posibilita todo lo demás. Se escalona a lo largo del día entre palabras convirtiéndose en frontera entre un quehacer y otro, un espacio sin tiempo definido que permite transitar en pautas complejas." Le invitamos a que asista a la apertura el 11 de Agosto 2021 a partir de las 19:30 para conocer de primera mano la nueva obra del artista, que nos acompañará en persona. Para reservar plaza, regístrese en https://www.recoleto.com/event-details/antonio-navarro  


Helga Grollo - "El revés de la trama"

13/08/2021 al 14/09/2021

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Zone: Isabel Bilbao Galeria

Using textile collage, fixed on a board or stretched on a frame, the artist applies the Japanese value of the Kintsugi as a reference for her research. The Kintsugi theory recommends the conservation and recovery of damaged objects which formerly had a specific and important function. Using old burlap sacks, linen, jute or cotton fabrics, she has generated large textile surfaces sewn or bonded, partially or completely.       Stained or painted, intervened with letters or highlighting the broken and worn areas, they wish to convey moods and a range of variable sensations.  


Las casas de Sorolla en Xàbia


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Zone: Port Fish Market

Guided tour: THE SOROLLA'S HOUSES IN XÀBIA Discover with David Gutierrez the places where Joaquín Sorolla lived in his various stays in Xàbia and the works he painted from them. Do you know the tragic event that he suffered in 1905? In spanish. Previous booking, tel.: 646 87 50 14  

Routes et excursions 10€

X Riurau Film Festival

27/08/2021 al 11/09/2021

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Zone: Marina Alta

A new edition of the RIURAU FILM FESTIVAL (RRFF) 2021 has taken off this past weekend, the short film contest of the Marina Alta region (Alicante, Spain) that this year celebrates its 10th Anniversary. Until September 11, the first event, RIURAUEXPRESS, a filming and editing marathon in Jesús Pobre, will fulfil the town with filmmakers, actors and cameras during these days. To attend the festival, according to the Covid19 protocol, it will be essential to reserve tickets online, free of charge, through the page www.riuraufilmfestival.com  


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