Un passeig per Les Planes

17/07/2018, 07/08/2018

Hora inicio: 19:00 - Hora fin: 21:30

Zona: Monestir Mare de Deu dels Angels

Hiking route in PN Montgò in spanish language.

Routes et excursions 6€ adults, 3€ xiquets/ es

Street shows

16/07/2018 al 22/07/2018

Hora inicio: 20:30 - Hora fin: 23:00

Zona: Paseo del Tenista David Ferrer

"Hoy aquí mañana allí" with "Avistacielos". Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Circ - Xàbia! A street theater circuit full of humor and fun for the whole family. Opposite Las Olas restaurant. You will also have a wonderful musical offer in the port of Xàbia (next to the Author Craft Fair).

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