Xàbia in 1896: Sorolla's arrival

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Hora inicio: 11:00

Hora fin: Sans spécifier

Zone: Plaza Presidente Adolfo Suárez

16/01/2021 al 17/01/2021, 23/01/2021 al 24/01/2021, 30/01/2021 al 31/01/2021 /

Tour through the port commemorating the arrival of Joaquín Sorolla 125 years ago to Xàbia. In spanish.

We will discover, accompanied by David Gutiérrez, how Sorolla met our municipality in 1896, the letters he wrote to his wife, the places where he stayed and the pictures he painted.

For safety the maximum number of participants will be 6 people. Information and reservations, tel.: 646 87 50 14


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