Children’s Theater: CUCÚ


Hora inicio: 17:30 - Hora fin: Sans spécifier

Zone: Culture Centre

This show was created with the aim of promoting the value of self-acceptance among young boys and girls. It also features scenery that has a high visual component which merges different scenic languages such as the handling of objects, puppets and body language.  

Pour les enfants Precio Free


11/02/2022 al 20/03/2022

Hora inicio: Sans spécifier - Hora fin: Sans spécifier

Zone: Soler Blasco Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum

Works by the artists Mari Marí, María José Cholbi, Fina Gilabert, Mar Fornes, María Casado, Blanca Hernando, Mariví Puigcerver and María Isabel de Piero.


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