"Christmasy Tardeo"


Hora inicio: 18:00 - Hora fin: Sans spécifier

Zone: Pl. Comare Maruja Varó

Evening with Christmas music, with TAFOL, in Plaza Comare Maruja Varó.

Musique Precio Free

Anton Gudzykevych and Mariia Zhurykova

11/11/2022 al 07/01/2023

Hora inicio: Sans spécifier - Hora fin: Sans spécifier

Zone: GudzGallery

Zhurykova, painting, sculpture and ceramics at the Art Gallery: Gudzgallery. Timetable: From Monday to Saturday, 11:00 - 14:00 or also with prior appointment outside the timetable. Additional information at:  https://gudzgallery.com/es    


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