Fresh product party

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Hora inicio: 11:00

Hora fin: 13:00

Zone: Municipal Market

16/03/2019 /

Throughout the morning at the Market of Xàbia there will be a biographical exhibition of women and the collective "Xàbia en Moviment" will sell commemorative shirts from the women's day.

- At 11:00am in Sor Maria Gallart Street, story telling "Benefits of buying and eating fresh and local products"

- At 12:00pm in the first part of Calle Sor Maria Gallart, Showcooking for children (20 places) about how to make a salad with fresh products.

- At 12:00 h. in the second part of Calle Sor Maria Gallart, Klandestino de Lindy Hop and social by the Spirit of St. Louis La Marina Lindy Hop.

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