Oscar Bento

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Zone: Isabel Bilbao Galeria

03/08/2019 al 28/08/2019 /

In August, both at IB Galería and interior·s (Jávea/Xàbia), Oscar Bento presents a selection of canvases corresponding to series he's been developing during the last decade: The Sea, Landcapes, Music, Wine and Chocolate ... The sensitive expression interpreting nature, music or the sensual idea of wine, arises from the most intimate Oscar Bento. Along this diversity of themes we find reflection, depth of colour and the powerful light of his paintings, which are the common thread of his artistic career, from its beginning until today.




Oscar Bento, is a multidisciplinary artist (painting, sculpture, photography) although his main production is in painting. With a long international career, his work resides in collections of more than thirty countries up to now. Born in Buenos Aires, he lives in Jávea / Xàbia (Alicante) since 1980.



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