Noches de Arabia


Hora inicio: 18:30 - Hora fin: Sans spécifier

Zone: Palacio Municipal de Deportes

Children's Musical Tickets for sale in Xàbia: Xàbia Casa, RBK Hair Salon, Cristina Català Hair Salon, An Shebeen Bar, La Mar de Flors Florist and Puerto Bookshop.

Musique In advance: 10€, ticket window: 12€

Christmas Excursion – Mountain School


Hora inicio: 09:00 - Hora fin: Sans spécifier

Zone: Pl. de la Constitució (Constitution Square)

Like every year at the Centre Excursionista Xàbia (CEX), a small excursion is organized to celebrate Christmas with all the mountain lovers. It is recommended to bring the required material and do not forget to bring your Santa hat.

Routes et excursions free

Christmas Concert


Hora inicio: 20:30 - Hora fin: Sans spécifier

Zone: San Bartolomé (St. Bartholomew) Church

By the "Centre Artístic Musical de Xàbia"

Musique Precio free

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