The Balenciaga Century – Disciples 1968-70s

01/07/2022 al 30/09/2022

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Zone: Casa del Cable

After the close of the fashion houses in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian, which was the one that closed last in 1969; many of his collaborators and persons who had professionally trained with him decided to launch themselves in the fashion sector. Felisa Irigoyen and José Luis Molina created the Brand called “Felisa y José Luis” . Ohers, such as the Villahierro, Ungaro or Courrèges firms became great names at the end of the 60s as well as the following decade. His friend Hubert de Givenchy decided to communicate Balenciaga’s legacy.  


LOS COLORES DEL AGUA. Acuarelas de gran formato

13/06/2022 al 15/10/2022

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Zone: Hotel Sol de Jávea

“Los colores del agua” (“The colors of water”) is a tribute to the sea that bathes the Xàbia coasts. According to their creator, the exhibition, which is housed in the Hotel Sol in Jávea , “is designed to express the huge chromatic range that the sea provides to us depending on the moment and what it provokes in us”. However, their author goes beyond the sea as a natural eco-system and extrapolates it “as a reflection of the sky which represents the soul” and with the poetic line of the horizon as the barrier that unites and divides the sky and soul with each other.      


World Clean up Day


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Zone: Place to be determined

In September, the World Cleanup Day is commemorated, a call to the civic movement for all those who want to collaborate by cleaning the dirt from beaches, parks, forests and rivers. Organized by areas, the meeting points of our municipality will be: La Plana (Área Recreativa); Yacht Club; La Grava beach; first Muntanyar; Cala Blanca (Guillermo Pons roundabout); Portitxol cove; Granadella cove; camí Sortetes (next to the bridge) and the course of the river (Molí Blanc car park). Registration is now open (until September 15) in the form: shorturl.at/cmWX4 For more information, you can call 965790500 or send an email to servicios@ajxabia.org



16/09/2022 al 17/09/2022

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Zone: Xàbia Històrica

Festival designed for a children and family audience. On the 16th and 17th of September, the streets of Xàbia Historical City Centre will be full of theater shows, oral storytelling, clowns, music, workshops and much more.  


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