Paintings by Rod Davis

01/09/2019 al 31/10/2019

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Galería Marque in the old town is showing paintings by local artist Rod Davis. His latest works include interpretations of the music of Miles Davis and Chet Baker. The gallery is open on most days in September, including weekends, from 10.30 until 20.30.  www.galeriamarque.com


Book presentation: "La aventura del Halcón Maltés"


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Zone: Culture Centre

Fiction story set in the 16th century with characters from the town of Xàbia. Author José Antonio Zaragoza.

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IV Oktoberfest

17/10/2019 al 26/10/2019

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The SeeMontgó Restaurant hosts this event from October, 17th to 26th with the best beer and the best music to set each of the 10 days.

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